Tetsa River Lodge

Tetsa River Lodge is a year-round facility with fuel, camping/RV spots, 4 separate log cabins and a 8-10 man camp.

The main lodge has a wonderful gift shop and a cafe/bakery. Small meals are available and we are famous for being:

“The Cinnamon Bun Center of the Galactic Cluster”! These┬áhomemade delicious cinnamon buns and breads have been making people smile for over 3 generations.

The Tetsa river located 500 yards from the lodge, has some of the best fishing in all of British Columbia: arctic grayling, dolly-varden and rocky mountain whitefish. Scenic hiking trails are close by and hunting (B.C residents) is available during the season. The water is clean and fresh, the hospitality is warm and welcoming and the lodging/campground is safe and accessible.

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